The NU-47 Microphone Project

Why would anyone want to build another high-quality large capsule condenser microphone? Hasn't that been done, many times over? Well yes, to a degree. To be absolutely truthful it has been done, with some undeniable success..... However, we want to use a different approach!

For instance, the motto we have chosen for ourselves is "Ears First!" Or perhaps better yet we should say "Music First!" We will design a new ultra-high quality microphone that has a real purpose behind it. A microphone that is far more than merely technically excellent. Far more than just good engineering.

This microphone will be a product of the Highest Art of Microphone design. In many cases music recording has become merely an attempt to recreate an acoustic event. We plan to take music recording a step further. Our new Microphone will hear the musical world in the way it was meant to be heard. We're working in the true spirit of the real Microphone Pioneers!

Bruce Swedien and Martin Kantola
August 2005

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