GLENN TABOR/GAT3: The NU-47 is one of the greatest microphones I have ever used. The sense of depth and realism it translates is stunning. At our facilities it is often the first choice for any number of sources, including vocals, room ambience, solo instruments, etc. There are many great microphones, however, this mic goes beyond that description. It is has amazing fidelity, but retains musicality. It has fantastic depth of field, but isn't analytical. The NU-47 has tremendous balance and size, without being hyped or exaggerated. When an artist sings on this mic, they LOVE it - enough said!


RICHARD SALES/GLASSWING: The more I use it, the more I LOVE it! When I first plugged it in, I heard the difference. But the more I record with it, the more profound I realize the difference is. The M 149 now sounds thin and kind of emaciated. I used to think it was a Rolls Royce, but now I see it's a high end Ford. Even on my husky huffy voice the NU 47 is THE BOMB! Kaboom! You did it. One fat momma!

DOUG ROGERS/EASTWEST STUDIOS: We were lucky enough to get 2 of these from Martin, the sound is beyond unbelievable. He said he was only making 10 of them, and I can't believe we got 2 of them for EastWest Studios.

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