Price USD

SWE#1 Bruce Swedien Signature microphone PDF accepting orders $4,000
NU-47 Legendary studio microphone PDF now accepting orders! $6,300
NU-47V Vintage metal body version of NU-47 PDF accepting orders $4,000
NU-47VPQ Precious quality version of NU-47V PDF accepting orders $4,400
NU-49 Tube microphone with remote pattern control PDF accepting orders $4,600
Black Pearl Cardioid studio microphone PDF accepting orders, new price! $1,700
NU-880F Panphonic surround FET microphone (Patented) PDF accepting orders $5,200

Prices without local tax or duty, but including worldwide shipping. All NU-series microphones are hand built to order.
Please inquire about custom features, models and special pricing for pairs and triplets. Unlimited 10-year warranty on all microphones.
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